How to Play Games on eJOY App

Training Games

Training Game will help you consolidate your new words without calculating word fluency points. How to: Play Flash Cards 1. Select “Flash Cards” to play. 2. Guess the meaning of the word on a flashcard. You can click on the light bulb icon to check suggested images 3. You can tap on the card to flip it and check the definition. 4. If you know it, swipe right and if not, swipe left. Note: You'll receive 50 XP for each correct answer. (

PRO Games

Synonym - Goal: Enrich your vocabulary with the most common synonyms. - How to play: Tab on the synonym for the given word. Save new words to your wordbook for further learning. - Note: You only get three lives each turn. If you answer wrong, you will lose 1 life. ( Grammar - Goal: Master your English grammar with joy and inspiration - How to play: Choose “Right” o...

Daily Challenge Games

Your word fluency point is calculated when you practice words on Daily Challenge on eJOY App ( Fill in the blank 1. Fill in the blank with an appropriate word/phrase 2. You can click on the icon to hear the missing word/phrase ( Guess the word 1. Guess the word/ phrase b...