eJOY Epic Screens Explained

Home page

  1. English conversations: Videos are organized according to English conversation topics (For example, greetings, asing and giving directions,....)
  2. Category: Videos are organized according to themes (for example, art and culture, education, science and technology,...)
  3. English level: Videos are organized according to English level (from 1 - Beginner to 7 - High advanced)
  4. Grammar: Videos are organized according to the main grammar patterns that you will learn  (for example, simple tense, passive voice....)
  5. My lessons: Keep track of your lessons
  • Started: Incomplete lessons
  • Practice more on eJOY GO: Lessons that were already completed on Epic but haven't been practiced on eJOY GO
  • Perfectly learn: Your fully completed lessons
  • My favorite videos: Videos that you liked 

6. Recently added: Newly added lessons
7. Learning progress
8. The overview of a lesson (level, duration, key vocabulary, grammar focus )
9. Visit eJOY GO
10. Browse videos: List of Epic lessons
11. Current learning: Your most recent lesson
12. Display language
13. Profile (see more below)

  • (1) Basic information of the account (Name, type of account)
  • (2) Your eJOY level and progress 
  • (3) Go to account settings
  • (4) Go to eJOY Blog
  • (5) Go to eJOY Help Center
  • (6) Sign out of Epic

Account settings screen


  1. Information section
  2. Change profile picture - click on "Change image" to upload a new one
  3. Email address used to sign up for eJOY
  4. Displayed name - click on the boxes to edit your name
  5. Click on "Change password" to set a new password for your eJOY account

Subscription Plan 

  1. Subscription plan section
  2. Your current eJOY Plan (PRO/ Basic) and due day
  3. Extend or renew your subscription

Learning Settings

  1. Learning settings section 
  2. Display language - click to select a language that you want to display
  3. Native language - click to select your native language
  4. English level - click to select your current English level (1 - Beginner đến 7 - High Advanced)
  5. Favorite topic - click on the plus button (+) to add more topics that you're interested

Video lesson

  1. Different exercises to practice your English skills - to unlock an exercise, you need to complete the previous ones first. 
  2. Click on Watch video to begin watching the video
  3. Add this video to your favorite list
  4. Video level
  5. Video category
  6. Video description
  7. Grammar focus - a specific grammar pattern that you'll learn in this video lesson
  8. 8 keywords/ phrases that you'll learn in this video lesson
  9. Your lesson points (result)
  10. See specific points of each exercise
  11. Provide information to help you know how to practice English with Epic