eJOY Course on eJOY GO

eJOY Course provides different courses specially designed for those who want to learn English in a guided way

  • Courses about pronunciation
  • Courses about business
  • Courses about sports
  • Courses about travel
  • .... 

All of these courses are organized by topic and level. Each course includes different units for you to easily follow. 

To access a course on eJOY GO, you can follow these steps below:

Step 1: Go to Course on eJOY GO

Step 2:  Filter course by level or topic



Step 3: Select a course that you want to take



Step 4: Press Play to start. You can take each unit in order or choose whichever unit you like 


Step 5: Begin your learning

  • Watch the video
  • Look up and save new words
  • Take Quizzes, Practice Speak and Write Games