Phrasebook on eJOY eXtension

You can save phrases or sentences to your Phrasebook wordbook and review them later with games on eJOY eXtension. 

How to use Phrasebook


Step 1 : Add eJOY eXtension to your Chrome


Step 2: Highlight the entire sentence containing the phrases or the grammar patterns that you want to learn


Step 3: Right click >> eJOY eXtension >> Advanced translation >>  pop-up (see below)



Step 4: Highlight & Add



Step 5: Click and hold while you drag your cursor to highlight



Step 6: Select Done to save the text


Step 7: Select My Word Bank to open your wordbooks



Step 8: All of the saved phrases/ sentences will be automatically organized in the wordbook named Phrasebook only. To review them, you click on the wordbook named Phrasebook and click on the Play Game button.