Cut a Clip - Focus on One Video Section

With the new app version, you can use the feature “Cut a Clip“ to split a long video into small clips. When practicing your listening skills, we would always suggest working with a short video clip of no more than three minutes.

How to Cut a clip?

  • Press on Studying to start 

  • Tap on Cut a clip 

  • Hold and adjust its start or end point to the desired length. Or else, you can tap on any dialogue line, the time bar will automatically scroll to this line. Then, choose Finish to complete cutting the video. Name the newly cut clip and press Done to start learning. 


  • You can use a horizontal time bar to choose your wanted video length. 

  • If there are a lot of dialogue lines in the video, you should remember numerical order of each line. It will help you cut a clip more quickly. 
  • Listen to the clip's audio again