In addition to over 60.000 videos on eJOY App, now you can convert any favorite YouTube videos to eJOY app to practice. 

Steps to follow:

Step 1: You can connect videos directly from YouTube to eJOY in one of the following two ways


Option 1: 

  • Tap on YouTube Connect 

  • Type title or keywords of a video on the search bar - Search YouTube Videos. eJOY will show all the possible results matching your search terms

Note: Tap on icon filter (1) if you want to filter video duration. 

Option 2: Open videos with YouTube links. 

  • Tap the Share icon below the YouTube video 

  • Tap Copy link. Now the video link is copied to clipboard

  • Open eJOY English App. Tap More on the task bar on the bottom of your screen

  • Scroll down and tap Open video from the clipboard


Step 2: Select any video and watch it with the subtitles 



Step 3: Select Connect video if you want to import this video to eJOY. If not, you can continue to search for other videos by choosing Watch other videos. 



Step 4: The video has been added to your account. Now you can start to practice with this video.  


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Note: You can review the list of imported YouTube videos by selecting Connected videos.