How to Shift Subtitles

This can be solved by editing video subtitles on eJOY Go ( Please follow these steps: - Select video you want to edit subtitle - Select Auto Transcript => Edit ( 3. Search for "Shift all subs" on the screen. Select the time length you want to shift. Then click Backward or Forward to shift all subtitles. (

Why Can't I Save Words on Laptop

You need to download eJOY eXtension ( to save words. eJOY eXtension will help you to look up, save and practice words on PC or laptop. If you have downloaded eJOY eXtension but can not save words, please check your internet connection. If the internet connection is working properly, and you receive an "error message" whenever you click to Add, please close your Chrome browser and re-open it. After this step, the issue is not yet fixed, please try logging...

Why Doesn't Your Word Fluency Point Increase Despite My Regular Practice?

Your word fluency point is calculated when you practice words on Daily Challenge on eJOY App or eJOY eXtension. Daily Challenge Game on eJOY eXtension ( ( Daily Challenge Game on eJOY App (

Sync eJOY Data across Devices

For all Basic and Pro: Your data will be synced when pressing on SYNC NOW on App and eXtension. 1. Sync Now on App When you complete your learning session on the app, remember to press Sync before leaving. When you start learning on eJOY app and you couldn't see your latest data, press Sync to update your data. ( 2. Sync Now on the extension You do the same on eXtension with th...

Do I Need The Internet to Learn English with eJOY?

If you are a PRO user, you can download videos on eJOY App to study offline and use these features below: - Look up words on video and save words (Download Offline dictionary if you need translations) - Play games If you are a Basic user, you need Internet access to learn English on eJOY. However, you can review your vocabulary on Game Center, press Play Now.