How to cut a clip from video 

  • Choose the scene you like from a video
  • Click on Cut a Part
  • Hold and drag [...] to select the starting and the ending point of the clip you want to crop.
  • To view your edited clips, see “Clipbank” for more details.


All the cropped clips are saved into your ClipBooks. You can find your ClipBooks in ClipBank

To access the ClipBank, click on the down arrow icon next to your account avatar.

Select Clipbank from the drop-down menu.


Here you can watch all of the clips at once.

  • Select Play all to play all the clips in your ClipBook.
  • Adjust the settings for your ClipBook by clicking on the gear symbol. 
  1. Title: Type the title of the ClipBook
  2. Clip Repeat: The number of times a clip is played before moving on to the next one
  3. Auto Replay: Automatically restart from the beginning when all clips are finished.
  4. Clipbook’s thumbnail: Pick a cover image for your ClipBook.
  5. Description: Add a description for the ClipBook
  6. Delete: Delete a ClipBook with all its clips.

In addition, you can also delete or arrange the location of each clip in the ClipBook.

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