1. How to look up words using eJOY eXtension

There are two ways to look up new words using eJOY eXtension, depending on your extension settings.

  • 1: Highlight a word or a phrase and click on the water drop icon to look up 
  • 2: Double click on a word or a phrase to look up. 

Translation: Translate the words to your native language
Definition: The English definition of the words
Slang: Common slangs of the words

2. Lookup pop-up window explained

1  – The translation - definition in English - common slangs
2 – Add the word to your Active wordbook
3 – Add to another wordbook
4 – Say it – go to Word Hunt to see the word in different video contexts
5 – The word popularity - Words with a golden key are among the most commonly used
6 – Advanced Translation – Open the advanced translation 

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